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Spruce Goose Special Event Station Detail Information
Thank You For all of those who participated!


General Operations Info

W7RXJ Special Event operators worked from either their QTH, or the City of Newberg Public Safety Building. All were located in Yamhill County and just a few miles from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum where the Spruce Goose is housed. As operator times were reserved, their sign-up times, frequencies and modes were listed at the bottom of this page. Our operators are not contesters and took a relaxed approach to collecting contacts.

In FT8 mode we used "CQ SES W7RXJ CN85". Tail-ending was discouraged, as after each contact, our operators would be reviewing auto collected data to ensure correct information has been logged. For other modes we asked for the first name, but with FT8 we understand there is no easy way to get the Contacts first name, so we did't have any requirement for that via FT8 QSOs. Thus the necessity of the extra care for logging. This probably resulted in some delays before the next CQ call. This delay may also lead to the transmit offset frequency changing as other FT8 operators start using the frequency the SES operator was using.

Similar situations may cause operating frequency changes with BPSK31. Attempts would be made to keep the transmission offset near 1800 Hz from the standard BPSK31 dial frequency for the band.

You were welcome to work our Special Event Stations on multiple modes, bands, and days, though only one QSL request per Call Sign would be given out.

Operating Frequencies and Mode Guidelines

McMinnville Amateur Radio Club Operations

Planned Frequncy and Modes

Band/MHz 80 40 20 15 10 6 2m FM 70 cm
CW 3.538 7.038 14.038 21.038 28.038 50.038 --
Phone 3.838 7.238 14.238 21.338 28.338 50.138 146.580 Simplex --
Digital FT8 3.573 7.074 14.074 21.070 28.074 50.131 -- --
Digital BPSK31 3.580 7.070 14.070 21.080 28.120 50.290 -- --

Winlink Users

Winlink Express Users could use the Tactical Address "Spruce-Goose" to receive via Winlink, a PDF certificate of the Spruce Goose 75th Anniversary Special Event Station. Those who wished to receive the certificate, would send a Winlink message using the Check In Form template provided by Winlink Express. This template can be found within the Standard Templates, under the MAPPING-GIS FORMS folder. It needed be received by the Tactical Address between October 30th and November 5th, inclusively. We requested that radio modes be used (no Telnet or WebMail) and that your first name and the State abbreviation your QTH is located were placed within the Check In form's comment block. We blocked all Internet Emails to this Tactical Address.
Note: The PDF was sent to recipients via Winlink. All attempts were be made to minimize the size of the PDF but still provide decent presentation. Winlink has a maximum total message size of 120000 Bytes. This is the default size, but is a configurable value, and yours may be smaller. We allowed up to twelve weeks for processing and uploading of the Winlink messages containing the attached SES Certificate.

Winlink Check Ins Received

Winlink Check Ins Received for the Spruce Goose Special Event Station

QSL Card Request Guidelines

To request a W7RXJ QSL card please read and follow the instructions below: